Lifelong Learning. Endurance. Unity.

Center of Excellence

As one of few community centres where Digby families can gather, the Center of Excellence will provide a space for all residents and visitors to enjoy. The vision is far-reaching with the Center recognizing the resilience of the Black and African Nova Scotian community in Digby, celebrating culture, and fostering a cohesive cross-cultural community in the Digby region.

With the vision of the center deeply rooted in education, the Center will offer cultural space where the local history will be a focal point in both the building design and the programming that will be offered.

The intentional design of the space will also provide visitors with this critical understanding, through unique interior design elements, art, food and more. In addition to serving as a place of learning and development, the Center of Excellence will support the health and wellness of the community and provide important opportunities for employment.

With a footprint of 23,000 square feet, the Center will include:

  • Cultural space
  • Early childhood education
  • Extensive academic, cultural and recreational
    programming for all ages
  • Conference space
  • Meeting space and office rental space
  • Gymnasium
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Library
  • Fitness room